Features of Dishwashers

When it comes to features, wash programmes are a primary consideration. The more the better. Some of the key programmes are as follows,

1. Fast cycle, plates with little dirt on them.

2. Economic, low temp, saves on electricity.

3. Performance, high temp, intensive wash for caked on dishes.

4. Half load, for fewer dishes, less litres of water are used.

5.Glass wash, calmer water pressure to protect delicate and expensive glass.

Hardware features are few and far between. An LCD display is standard on virtually all dishwashers. And a clear and easily understood panel is desirable. Apart from this, internal adjustable racks and baskets are another option to look for.

When it comes to cosmetics, dishwashers are usually rather bland in design and coloured in white, gray or silver. For the style conscious, built in dishwashers are either hidden behind a kitchen cabinet, or the door of the dishwasher is attached with a cabinet facade. However, it has to be said, Smeg have recently produced a range of 1950’s styled dishwashers in a selection of extravagant colours.

Sound dampening has recently improved for high end dishwashers. While an entry level machine will produce a decibel level of around seventy, a high end machine will only produce a decibel level of forty. Which is similar to the sound a kettle makes.

The internal basin of dishwashers is either made from plastic of stainless steal. Stainless steal basins last longer and are to be found in all high end machines. A filter is installed in most basins, which will need to be cleaned manually on low level machines, but, automatically cleaning filters are available. A basin will typically include two draws for inserting plates, utensils and cups. The more you pay for a dishwasher, the more likely the draw can be collapsed, removed, and folded, to increase greater flexibility.

On expensive dishwashers, features such as a delayed start time are included. Microprocessors and sensors have enabled dishwashers to alter the length of wash cycles by sensoring water temperatures. This is useful for people who do not wash on full loads, due to the resources saved.

For medium level machines, an LCD display to operate the wash programmes and to show the status of the current wash cycle comes as a standard. The dishwasher door should also self balance when attempting to load and unload pots and pans. A cutlery basket and adjustable internal baskets are to be found in virtually all dishwashers.

So to conclude, an LCD display, a self balancing door, baskets and plenty of wash programmes are about the pinnacle of features to be found on an average dishwasher.