Bad credit payday loan lender -Application via payday lenders guaranteed approval

Fast and easy application via payday lenders guaranteed approval

At Rousseau, you can borrow between 3,000 – 50,000 DKK. You can have the money in your account next weekday. You get a quick response to your loan application, many times within just 30 seconds.

You must NOT be badly paying and be registered in Debtor Registered and RKI if you want to borrow. You must first settle your debt and get out of the RKI before you can apply for a loan. The same applies if you have to borrow money from Harrison loan.

Here you can borrow from the age of 18. So you as a young person can get help with a loan if you stand and lack an overview of the maturity of quick loans. It can be for new furniture for your youth apartment, or for a new MacBook Pro for your studies.

Loans up to DKK 50,000 with Rousseau and get answers to your application within 30 seconds. 
You decide what you want to spend your money on, which Rousseau does not mix in. The application is easy and simple, the security is top when you apply with NemID. When you apply it is completely non-binding and is not binding until you have signed the loan agreement. Remember that you always have 14 days of the right of withdrawal.

Payday loans guaranteed approval are both quick and easy to get via You apply completely anonymously, so safety is top notch. Get an answer right away when you apply for a payday loan guaranteed approval.

FAQ – Questions and Answers – Can I borrow money from Rousseau?

Who is behind Rousseau?

Rousseau cooperates with Basisbank A / S. When you borrow money from Rousseau, you borrow the money through Basisbank A / S.

Who can get a loan from Rousseau?

You must have a permanent residence in Denmark, be at least 18 years old. You must have a fixed income and not be registered in the RKI

How much money can I borrow?

Here you can borrow up to 50000 kroner the first time you borrow.

What age should I have to borrow?

It is possible to borrow money if you are 18 years old.

Can I get a loan despite RKI?

NO, you cannot be approved for a loan if you are registered in the RKI or Debtor Register.

When will the loan be paid out?

You will receive an answer in minutes about your application on weekdays.

How Long Do You Have To Run Your Loan?

You have up to 6 years to repay your entire borrowed credit.

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