Unemployed loan in Belgium: Borrow unemployed? it’s possible

Unemployed loan: borrowing money while being unemployed?. In Belgium, many Belgians live with credits and this is not a bad thing when they are very well managed. Take out a loan to finance a project, a wedding, a car, even a house? it’s common today. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain or own…

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Why loan: the different options available to you

Because life is full of surprises, we are never immune to unforeseen expenses. Whether to buy a house, replace an old car or renovate the insulation system to end the energy loss, there are many reasons that can lead to loan to banks and other loan institutions established in Belgium. These professional lenders will offer…

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What are the interests with a loan?

The amount borrowed can have a significant impact on the interest you pay. Usually, the interest rate is lower if you borrow a large amount. One reason for this is that administrative costs form a smaller part. The same thing applies to the duration of the loan. If you take out a loan for a…

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